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Tactical Ambidextrous MOLLE Pistol Holster - Multiple Colors


Nice fit with my GLOCK G17 with a TLR-3 attached to the pistol. Was having a difficult time finding something that would fit my Glock with a small Streamlight TLR-3 attached to it. I could have got a custom molded Kydex holster made but that would have cost more than my TLR-3. Found this interesting holster and the price made it too hard to pass up. Frankly I did not expect very much from it but was happily surprised. The molle type straps on the back can attach directly to most any belt so you do not need any special kind of rig or harness to use this holster. The holster does allow you to adjust the fit to accommodate various pistol configuration with the includes bungee straps and plastic retainers. If you open the external side flaps of the holster it reveals a series of eyelet holes. All you need to do is thread the included bungee cord through the eyelets and follow the contours of your pistol so you can get a semi-custom fit. You can also attach the plastic retainers in strategic locations ( like underneath the trigger guard ) so you can get a positive stop when you re-holster your pistol. My only gripe is I do not care for the buckle on the side and would have preferred a simpler strap/button retention system but really for the price you can hardly go wrong.
Date Added: 03/14/2017 by Gary Johnson
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