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Burris Combo 1 - AR536 Scope + Quick Detach Picatinny Mount


I have this scope mounted up on a DPMS AR-308 rifle and I really like it a lot. I plan on taking this rifle for some training courses so I needed to keep the weight manageable. Needless to say a huge scope on an already heavy 308 rifle was out of the questions. My criteria was to find a compact scope that was not too heavy but offered realistic capabilities out to 300 yards. I experimented with several name brand sights as well as some cheaper lesser known brands with no luck until I ran across this scope. Having used it for a bit now, I can attest to the reliability of the scope and impressive optical clarity. Granted 5x magnification is not very much but 5x with real nice clarity makes a big difference, well done Burris. The size and weight of the scope allows it to balance very well on my rifle. The dual color illuminated reticle is easy to see in day or night and the reticles BDC can be used accurately with both 5.56 and .308 rounds ( the scope includes a manufacture instruction sheet for the BDC reticle ). Worth noting is that bundles this scope with a made in the USA quick detach mount that is absolutely awesome and a huge improvement over the cheesy bolt on mount that Burris provides. I would have given the scope 5 stars but my one grip about this scope is for me it does not have quite enough eye relief. I had to mount the scope all the way back on the very last position of the rifles top rail which is a bit further back than I would prefer but it does work for me. Other than that minor issue I would say this scope has lived up to all my expectations thus far. Yes I would recommend it to anyone looking for a compact sized, medium power scope for just about any AR style rifle.
Date Added: 10/22/2014 by Renynaldo Sanchez
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