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Trinity 1-4x28 Tactical Rifle Scope With Mount + Micro Dot Sight


I have now owned this scope for 3 months and it is still holding zero and working out great on an S&W M&P rifle. The mount is a quick detach design which concerned me that it might come loose but has held up just fine and has not moved at all. The red dot sight that is included is my only complaint as it really is hard to use as it sits really high on top of the scope. I took the red dot sight off and put it on a Ruger 10/22 and it works a hundred times better on that rifle all by itself. The clarity of the scope is impressive. It is a just a tad bit heavier than my Burris 1-4x24 MTAC. The illuminator dows multiple colors but worth noting is that there is a bit of a reflection inside the scope tube. Would have been nice if they could have coated the inside of the tube or done something to minimize the reflection but you can just turn down the intensity of the illuminator to minimize the glare. The cost of the scope is at least half if not a third less than other competing manufactures and it is not in the same league as a Trijicon or Leupold of course but I can say that for $125 this is definitely worth every penny. I would have paid that much for just the scope itself so I feel like the mount and red dot sight where icing on the cake not to mention the free shipping.
Date Added: 12/18/2015 by Brian Chapman
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