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Universal Fit Tactical Stock Riser Cheek Rest w/ Magazine Pouch


I purchased several of these cheekrests to try out with various rifles including a Yugo Mauser, 91/30 Mosin Nagant and Remington 700. I had mounted scout type optics on both my 24/47 Mauser and 91/30 Mosin Nagant and both of them where difficult to use. Without the cheekrest I would have to stretch my neck up just to look through the center of the scope and a consistent cheek weld was very difficult to obtain. These universal cheekrest are absolutely AWESOME ! They lace up tightly on the stocks and provide some extra height making it perfect for those old rifles. The way they lace up makes them really fit tight and contours to the shape of the stock so it fit the old surplus rifles just as well as the new Remington 700. The detachable magazine pouch with velcro backing is a great idea but I had no use for it on the older rifles. Instead I attached the pouch to my backpack and use it to carry magazines or small FRS radios. You also have a choice of three colors so you can match your gear.
Date Added: 06/29/2012 by Alex Stipoli
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