AIM AR15 Quad Rail Review

AIM Sports Flat Dark Earth Quad Rail handguard Review - Item# MT058

I recently had a chance to do a formal range test with some new products that we had setup on an AR15 rifle. The hand guard we chose for this particular rifle was a quad rail made by AIM sports. The black color version had been around for some time but this is the first color variation we had seen. The manufacture had it advertised as a tan color but when we compared it to some MAGPUL furniture it was actually very close in color to Flat Dark Earth. The unit is a 2 piece aluminum design that will fit most AR15 ( 5.56mm /.223 Cal / .22 Rimfire ) rifles with a standard carbine length gas impingement system. It will not fit gas piston rifles. The installation was very straight forward and took less than 10 minutes. First we removed the original plastic handguard from the rifle and then we proceeded to install the new handguard which splits into 2 pieces - a top and bottom section. Each section is placed on the rifle and then the two halves are bolted together with 4 included screws. We opted to use some medium strength thread locking compound on the screws to make sure everything stays in place. Once installed it felt very solid without any signs of wiggle or play. The item includes short rubber rail guard to cover the unused rail space. For my personal taste I felt that they made the handguard feel a bit too bulky. I opted instead to use low profile Blackhawk rail ladder guards which are much lower profile and they fit like a glove on the quad rail system.

This rifle already had optics mounted on the upper so the only other accessory I required was a stubby foregrip which I installed on the bottom rail. It's also made by AIM Sports ( Item# PJHG2 ) and turned out to be a good fit on the handguard. With the installation completed it was time to get the rifle out to the range for some field testing. I have to say that the rifle performed flawlessly and the handguard and stubby grip where a nice compliment to the gun. I had several people comment on how they liked the look and color and they where very surprised to find this handguard sells for under $40.00. What really surprised me is that several hundred rounds later the quad rail was doing it's job like a champ and staying firmly in place. No signs of wiggle or slop whatsoever and I never noticed any heat build up. We ran the gun hard that day for several hours non-stop practicing various drills. I would say confidently that it surpassed my expectation. We did not mount an optic on the handguard this time but I feel that the AIM quad rail would keep the scope true to its zero. All in all I like the color of the handguard, the look and feel was good especially for a product in this price range and functionality was completely reliable. It may not be as fancy as some of the others out there but it does costs a lot less than other similar AR15 rail systems and gets the job done. The rail guards that come with it could definitely be improved and the all aluminum quad rails did add some weight compared to a plastic handguard. With the ability to attach virtually any accessory of my choosing and the confidence of knowing they will stay firmly in place, I have to say thus far this quad rail looks like a winner.

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