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NcStar Tan Color Red Green Blue Dot Scope Sight + Mount


I bought this just for the color and was happily surprised at how well it works. It was the first sub 100 scope I had ever seen in other than traditional black and was a perfect match for an AR rifle which I had plans to duracoat in a combination color of tan/fde. Internally it's a simple electronic red dot sight and easy to sight in. Externally it has an impressive look and comes with a matching cantilever ring. This scope and ring are actually powdercoated which is much more durable than if they had just painted it with a tan finish. Worth noting is that the scope does provide co-witness capability with my MagPul flip up sights. My only gripe ( which is very minor) is that the red dot is not a perfect circle except at the lowest power rating. When you turn up the intensity the circle gets a fuzzy edge. This is does not effect the function of the scope at all and I should mention that all the other red dot sights I have ever used ( except for a few real expensive sights ) all had the same issue with the FUZZY aiming dot.
Date Added: 06/09/2014 by James Carlisle
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