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Burris DropTine 4.5-14x42 Ballistic Plex Matte Black Riflescope


I have owned several Burris optics including the MTAC 1-4x24, various Fullfield scopes and a FastFire sight and have really liked most everything about their scopes except the price. Was looking for a nice scope for an AR project and wanted at least 12x power, adjustable focus and good quality glass in the scope. My scope budget was only $250 so most of the other top brands where out of the question. I really wanted a good name brand but it looked like it might not happen until I came across this new sight on the Burris website. I researched it quite a bit and several people said they used a very good quality lens just like in their Fullfield series but without all the bells and whistles so the prices where lower. I found M1SURPLUS had the 4.15-14x42 in stock which was just about right for my rifle and they also had a great price with free shipping. Have had the scope for a few weeks and must say that I am happily impressed with it. The clarity is great, the look is nice and sleek and weight is actually lighter when compared to other scopes I had with similar specs. The specs say the objective is 42mm but the overall external dimension of the front part of the scope is a bit larger so measure it first before you order flip-up some lens covers for the scope. Best of all the cost was affordable and it looks and works great on my rifle.
Date Added: 09/17/2014 by Daniel Hicks
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