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Tactical Ambidextrous MOLLE Pistol Holster - Multiple Colors


Bought this on a whim after searching high and low for a holster to fit my G22 with tac-light. There where plenty of options for over $100 but that's out of my budget right now. Took a chance on this and I was happily impressed. Fits my Glock 22 with a light attached just fine. This is a universal fit holster but it does have provisions to tighten the fit to your specific pistol. The inside of the holster flap has a bunch of eyelets and bungee cord. The idea is to fit your pistol in the holster and then thread the bungee around the eyelets that are closest to your pistols frame. It's a cool concept and once you set it up, it does provide a nice tight fit. If the manufacture included some detailed instructions it would be helpful but if you play with a it a bit, it's not that hard to figure out how to setup and use the holster.
Date Added: 12/08/2016 by Sean Marquez
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