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NcStar Red & Blue Dot Aiming Sight w/ Quick Detach Riser Mount


Bough this and a handguard on the same order to update my tired looking AR. Receive both within 2 days from the date I placed the order which really surprised me. Have everything mounted up but not had a chance to use the scope yet. First impressions are that it looks damn cool but is kind of heavy for the size. The aiming dot is a bit blurry on the edges and not nearly as precise as the ones on my Burris Fasytfire. The windage and elevation turrets are real tiny and will require a small screwdriver or similar object to adjust. The quick detach mechanism looks robust and is adjustable so you can get it on really tight to your rifles rail. Overall not a bad deal and for under $60.00 you get a lot for your money. Usually I stayy away from lesser known brands but my budget is tight right now ( spent the bulk on a new hanguard )and this item has a killer look with lots of features and a decent manufacture warranty.
Date Added: 01/11/2017 by Eddie Robertson
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