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SKS Combo #10 - Multi Rail Mount + Compact 4x30 Scope + Rings

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It works !!! Finally after trying several mounts for my SKS, I found one that actually stays in place. This unit has set screws that overhand the receiver of your gun and they provide 4 points of contact to keep everything in place. Be aware that you will have to file the front prongs of the mount a tad in order to get a good fit or at least that was the case with my old Norinco SKS. The scope is decent, just a simple 4 power and the rings are up to the job as well.. Also worth notign is that if you put the scope far back enough, you can still load with stripper clips and the ejected casing do not hit the scope. Frankly I only bough the kit for the mount so the scope and rings are icing on the cake for me. I am a happy camper :)
Date Added: 06/27/2018 by Randy Cuningham
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